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  • Mulberry silk pillowecases available in a selection of luxurious colours.
New Zealand Silk Pillowcase And Eye Mask, Perfect Gift

A little silk. A lot of good.


Silk Pillowcases - What Are The Benefits?

You spend around eight hours per day with your head in close contact with a pillow.

Wouldn't it be nice to know you're spending the night with something that's taking the very best care of you?

Pure Mulberry silk is a 100% natural, hypo-allergenic fabric that can make a big difference to how you look, feel and sleep.

Here's How:

- Anti-ageing. Unlike cotton, Mulberry silk doesn't absorb moisture or cause friction against your hair and skin. This helps your natural oils (and beauty creams) stay put through the night, preventing wrinkles and those scary sleep creases that greet us in the mirror each morning!

Its super-smooth, silky surface allows skin and hair to delicately rest without friction or abrasion (unlike most other fabrics).

- Natural thermoregulation. Cool in the summer, cosy in the winter, silk pillowcases naturally adjust to the correct temperature for your body - an absolute saviour for those suffering menopausal night-sweats, or rotating their pillow through the night.

- Anti-allergens. Dust mites, bacteria and mould are unable to thrive on silk the same way they do upon other fabrics. This is a real benefit for those suffering from skin problems such as acne or eczema, as well as asthma sufferers.


Customer Reviews

"I had no idea something as ordinary as a pillowcase could make such a difference to how I look, feel and sleep!

Mulberry silk is such a beautiful, gentle fabric - completely different to anything else I'd experienced - I just wish I'd discovered it sooner."

- Charlotte M.

"What a way to round off a busy day! Each time I lay down on my silk pillowcase, I say a little 'thank-you' to myself.

"I just love its luxury-feel, plus it's doing my skin and hair good. Yay!"

- Pammie W.

Mulberry Silk Pillowcase Deep Blush, 100% Pure Silk

The Perfect, Ongoing Gift