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5 Reasons Why A Silk Pillowcase Is Great For Curly Hair

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Quick and easy hacks for keeping your beautiful curly mane top-notch are always welcome.

And many co-curlies swear that something as simple as having the right pillowcase can make a world of difference.

In fact, it must be the easiest hack out there - all you have to do is go to sleep on it! No wonder the Curly Girl Method has made many mentions of this.

When you think about it, your curls spend more time snuggled up against your pillowcase than anything else.

For at least eight hours a day, they’re pummelled and pressed onto your pillowcase. Every time you toss and turn, your hair rubs into your pillow.

No wonder then that making a smart choice about your pillow covering can have a major effect on the condition of your hair. Perhaps even more so than the bathroom-cupboard full of expensive hair-care products?

It turns out that cotton and linen - traditionally, the standard go-to natural bedlinen product - are far from ideal in providing the optimum surface for those curls.

In short, there’s nothing that beats 100% pure Mulberry silk for taking care of curly hair. 

Here’s why

1. Mulberry Silk Prevents Hair Breakage 

Because of the natural structure of curly hair, it has less elasticity than its straight-haired counterparts. This can make it more prone to breakage. Even the highest  thread-count cotton is rougher against the head than silk, which can lead to unnecessary tugging and pulling of the hair. Silk, on the other hand, is a 100% natural fibre made from ultra-fine threads. These are tightly woven together to create a super-smooth, luxurious and silky surface. This allows your hair to glide easily over the pillow slip, reducing the risk of hair breakage or damage.

2. Mulberry Silk Won’t Crush Your Curls

Silk is generally kinder and gentler on hair due to its ultra-smooth surface. This prevents your hair getting rubbed up the wrong way during the night - and we definitely don’t want that!  Silk’s soft layer means your carefully-curated curls will retain their style and shape much longer, saving you time and effort in restyling your hair.

3. Mulberry Silk Helps Natural Moisture Retention

The S shape of curly hair makes it doubly-difficult for the scalp’s all important sebum to reach the end of each strand. That’s why curly hair can be especially prone to split-ends and dryness. 

During the night, these natural oils are meant to moisturise your strands, yet fabrics such as cotton, soak it all up instead, starving your hair of its natural goodness. 

Meanwhile, silk has unique moisture-wicking properties that do not absorb your body’s natural oils (and sweat) the same way cotton attracts it. Your hair is able to retain more natural oils, reducing tangles and dryness.  

4. Mulberry Silk Is Friendly To The Frizz 

Satin and polyester are man-made fabrics - and culprits of causing static electricity and therefore extra friction. This can disrupt the cuticle layer of your hair, creating unwanted frizz and bedhead.  Whereas silk is anti-static thanks to its natural properties. Mulberry silk in particular is made from two naturally-occurring proteins, sericin (30%) and fibroin (70%). Sericin is beneficial for all hair and skin types, while fibroin provides the fine yet durable quality of silk. Together, they provide the ideal, hair-calming environment, offering you and your curls unlimited sweet, deep sleep. 

5. Mulberry Silk Keeps Your Curly Style Intact 

Silk can shortcut the time you spend in keeping your curls intact. Its friction-free surface allows your head to gently glide from one side of your pillow to the other, causing minimum disruption to your tresses. Say goodbye to wayward curls and unwelcome kinks; with silk, your bed-head will look as good as your day-head!  

    Finally, professional hair stylists the world over have recommended silk pillowcases as being the unsung hero for curly hair.

    Check out our beautiful Mulberry silk pillowcase collection here.

    Important Things To Consider: 

    • If you’re thinking of investing in a silk pillowcase, choose an envelope closure over a zip-closure. The latter can be detrimental to all hair types, as hair can easily get caught and break. Plus, the zip can easily scratch or blemish your skin. 
    • Check the Momme quality of your chosen silk pillowcase. Anything under 22-Momme might not deliver the benefits you’re after. 
    • Ensure the pillowcase is double-sided silk. Most cheaper options are silk on only one side.  

    We'd love to hear your thoughts and experiences on what's helped your curly tresses look their very best. Please feel free to comment below. 

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