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Can Silk Ease Menopause Symptoms?

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Silk Can Help Ease Menopausal Symptoms

Many women experiencing menopause may have noticed their sleep is not what it used to be. Thanks changing hormones!

A drop in progesterone can make sleep more elusive, while lower estrogen levels are known to trigger the unexpected hot flush or night sweat. This surge of heat means the heart pumps faster, blood moves quicker, and the body radiates more heat. All this can lead to excessive sweating and overall discomfort. 

Having a silk layer directly next to your head can help keep those body temperature extremes to a minimum. How so? 

First of all, Mulberry silk is a 100% natural product. Unlike man-made fibres such as satin or polyester (which can cause static and friction) - and even cotton - silk’s unique moisture-wicking properties allows skin to breathe. Moisture does not get absorbed into the silky fabric, preventing the pillowcase getting damp. 

Silk vs Cotton

Unfortunately, this is one of the biggest problems when sleeping on even high thread-count cotton and linen: their super absorbency soaks up all moisture - sweat, face creams, and natural oils - making your cotton or linen pillowcase damp, smelly and rather unappealing to sleep on.  

Silk, on the other hand, remains calm and cool. It doesn’t conduct heat or static electricity. But it does contain a natural protein, cellular albumin, as well as 18 essential amino acids. Combined, these can counter the effects of ageing - including sleep lines and wrinkles - and some say can even help calm the nervous system. 

Furthermore, its natural characteristic means it can help reduce irritation associated with dry skin - another unwelcome menopausal symptom. (Sidenote: silk is regarded as a ‘wonder fabric’ for anyone suffering from common skin conditions such as eczema, psoriasis and acne. On silk, problem skin can ‘breathe’ better and pores do not get as clogged up). 

To keep cooler and drier at night - thus alleviating menopausal symptoms and enjoy a restful, well-deserved sleep - try a Mulberry silk pillowcase. 

A little silk in your life can bring a lot of good. 

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