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Do Silk Sleep Bonnets Really Work?

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We’ve all woken up with a bad case of the dreaded bed head. But did you know that your morning frizz could be avoided by sleeping with a little silk around your locks? 

Silk sleep caps and bonnets are enjoying a resurgence, thanks to a swag of endorsements by celebrities, social media influencers and followers of the Curly Girl method. But importantly, it’s a certain type of silk - the ultra-smooth goodness of Mulberry silk - that gives hair that extra TLC.

So just what is it that makes sleeping in silk oh-so-good for your hair? Here we delve into the reasons why silk sleep bonnets and silk caps can do wonders for your hair.  

1. Silk sleep bonnets reduce hair dryness 

As hair gets longer, dryness sets in, resulting in fragile and brittle ends. Fabrics such as cotton and linen can actually draw moisture from your hair. Silk, on the other hand, does not absorb moisture the same way other fabrics do, and so helps to keep the natural goodness and moisture of your hair intact.

2. Silk loves curly hair

The structure of curly hair tends to have less elasticity, so is more prone to breakage. The tight, compact weave of Mulberry silk provides a much flatter and smoother surface than other materials, such as cotton, linen or polyester. These other fabrics can rough up the hair cuticles, and can tug and pull delicate hair strands. Silk, with its natural goodness, is much kinder to hair.

3. Silk reduces splits ends

The longer your hair is, the more prone it is to damage or split ends. Encasing your locks in a silk sleep cap will enable your hair to stay snuggled close to your head, keeping well-behaved, and preventing the risk of breakages and thinning at the ends.

4. Silk is a great style-preserver 

Get a head start every morning by sleeping in silk. Straightening and styling your hair each morning takes time. A silk cap or bonnet can help preserve and extend the life of your hairstyle for days - giving you the gift of time to snooze that bit longer. (You’re welcome.)

Black silk sleep cap

5. Silk prevents hair tangles

When your hair is neatly tucked up inside a silk cap, there’s less chance for it to wriggle and writhe during the night. In other words, it behaves itself.

6. Silk helps to reduce frizz 

Mulberry silk is beneficial for all hair types - but especially those who are prone to frizz. The hypo-allergenic, natural protein in silk is calming to the hair and scalp. Its smooth structure reduces friction against the hair follicle, yet is not slippery to sleep on.

7. Silk gives ageing hair some extra TLC

As we get older, our hair and skin tends to lose moisture and become drier. For hair, this is made worse if it’s rubbing against fabric all through the night that is known for moisture absorption - such as cotton. The natural protein fibres of silk can help stimulate healthy hair growth (plus it's great for skin, which is why silk pillowcases have also become a top seller).

In summary, silk's natural occurring qualities make for the perfect bed-time partner for your hair (let alone, adds a touch of elegance and luxury to your hair-care routine). 

A little silk. A lot of good. 

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How to Wear Your Silk Bonnet

  • For fine, straight hair: 
Gently brush your hair to remove any tangles. Loosely twist your hair at the top of your head and tuck in inside your bonnet.


  • For curly hair or styled hair:

Finger-comb your hair (don’t brush), preserving your style as much as possible. Carefully place your hair into the bonnet.

Silk bonnett


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