Hot Nights Need Cool Pillowcases – A Little Silk

Hot Nights Need Cool Pillowcases

Mulberry Silk Silk benefits Sleep Summer

Woman Trying To Stay Cool During Hot Nights 


And the sleeping ain’t easy. 

Humid temperatures can cause havoc with your sleep. A hot, sweaty head can cause sleep-deprivation, and a serious bed head that could frighten others! 

Good ventilation, air-conditioning and the right bedding can keep you cool, calm and comfortable during the summer months. 

One of the easiest tricks to keep your cool is with a pure Mulberry silk pillowcase. 

Why Natural Equals Nice

Its natural silk fibres are much less absorbent than cotton, linen and polyester - which means body sweat does not soak into and stay on the silk fabric. 

As a wholly natural product, Mulberry silk is super-healthy for skin and hair. It does not cause friction or abrasion, and is cooling, thanks to its natural thermoregulation; in other words, the silk naturally adjusts to the correct temperature for your body. 

That means no more pillow-rotation to find the cool side in the middle of the night! 

The Slippery Question

In the past, many people have thought silk might be slippery or sticky to sleep on - which is certainly true for satin, and other man-made shiny fabrics - but that’s definitely not the case for silk.

In fact, Mulberry silk is considered one of the most comfortable and health-benefiting fabrics available. Professional hair stylists, beauty experts, dermatologists and wellness gurus are often promoting the health benefits of silk. It’s hypo-allergenic, anti-bacterial, and non-static, which together offer a slew of benefits: anti-ageing; smoother hair; improved skin health and more.  

What’s more, the luxurious appearance and touch of silk only adds to its appeal, making it heavenly to lie upon. 

So say goodbye to those twisty-turny nights. Instead, take your silk pillowcase wherever you go this summer - whether that's in a tent, caravan, boat or at home - and enjoy endless nights of a cool, deep sleep. 

A little silk. A lot of good. 

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