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The Joy Of Mulberry Silk Pillowcase This Christmas

Christmas Gift Mulberry Silk

Gold and silver silk pillowcases nz with happy Christmas message on bed headboard

As the year draws to a close, the search for the perfect Christmas gift begins.

There's a lot to reflect on this year. Most of us have spent more time at home than we expected, thanks to Covid-19. We've experienced lockdowns, self-isolation and even managed quarantine in some cases.

It's fair to say our bed has become even more important - and probably more frequented! And if it's one thing we've been told to focus on, it's the importance of getting a good night's sleep. 

Which is why the Mulberry silk pillowcase is a hands-down winner, for all ages and all whanau. 

Here's why:

  • The friend keen to stay young-looking

Who doesn't want to prevent wrinkles, wake up without deep, sleep-creases that seem to increasingly take all day to iron out? The smooth, crease-free surface of silk means less moisture is taken from the skin. The natural agent that binds silk fibres together is called sericin, which is said to be good for the skin, much like lanolin in wool, as it contains essential amino acids.  to create the perfect setting for the ultimate beauty sleep. 

  • The frizzy-haired friend

Cotton and linen pillowcases are the key culprits in causing bed-head. They create a lot of friction between the head and the pillow, frizzing up hair and causing knots. Aunt Flo will love you even more if you gift her a silk pillowcase, as she awakes each morning with smoother, shinier and calmer hair. 

  • The menopausal friend

It's likely your friend is looking for a little relief from the side effects of menopause. Hot flushes in the middle of the night are on nobody's Christmas list.

But Mulberry silk is naturally, thermally-regulated, keeping the body cool and calm during those night sweats. And stays warm next to skin when the weather cools.

It's also known to retain skin moisture, so prevents drying out. And remember it's a luxurious welcome-to-bed at the end of a long day. She'll be your BFF! 
(Read: Can silk ease menopause symptoms?)

  • The problem-skin friend

Sufferers of acne, rosacea, psoriasis and other sensitive skin complaints all stand to benefit from a Mulberry silk pillowcase. (Read: how silk can help acne sufferers).
Silk does not draw natural oils or moisture away from the skin in the way cotton does. Instead, it's natural hypoallergenic and  anti-bacterial properties make for the ideal resting place for anyone suffering skin problems. 

  • The friend with super curly or Afro hair 

Firstly, how lucky are they to have such beautiful hair? But as I'm sure your friend will tell you, their hair-care requires extra TLC. Silk helps curly and afro hair retain its moisture. It reduces friction (known to cause snagging and breakage), and helps calm the curls. Or if a silk pillowcase is not their thing, how about a silk sleep cap?

  • The hair-loss friend 

The gentle nature of silk makes it the perfect fabric to rest a thinning or bald head on. Its smooth and comfortable surface is soft to touch, and lets a head slide across the fabric without catching. 

  • The special person in your life 

It's true, Mulberry silk is a little on the expensive side, but that comes with anything that is high quality. Show your special someone you care by putting a 100% pure Mulberry silk pillowcase under the Christmas tree. 

  • The hot head in your life

Sleeping during the warmer months can be hard going for some of us, but a silk pillowcase can really help provide a cool and calm head space, as this blog explains (read: the benefits of sleeping on silk in warm and muggy nights)

A Mulberry silk pillowcase from A Little Silk is super lightweight, easy to post, and loved by all. 

So this Christmas, give the gift of everlasting, night-time peace. Introduce a little silk into your loved ones lives.

You'll be thanked every morning and every night.


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