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The Benefits Of Sleeping On Silk During Warm, Muggy Nights

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Silk helps to reduce sweating

Silk Benefits In The Heat

Summer time in New Zealand means hello humidity, and hello hot sleepless nights.

To help keep your cool during these warmer months, consider a silk nightdress or a silk pillowcase.

Silk can really help moderate body temperature - great for those of us who might be experiencing peri-menopause, menopause, or just don't like getting hot. (Read: Can silk ease menopause systems?).

Stop the night sweats

Unlike cotton which soaks up body sweat like a towel (and then soggily clings to you for the rest of the night) Mulberry silk's unique fibre does the opposite. Silk's original wicking acts almost like a repellant.

Being completely natural - (ooh, stay away nasty polyester) - Mulberry silk has thermo-regulation qualities - so whatever the temperature is up to, silk naturally adjusts to suit you. And unlike other, more textured fabrics (such as cotton or bamboo) it does not cause friction or abrasion. That's great for your sleep, skin and hair. 

Silk is smooth, but not slippery

If you're worried silk might be slippery to sleep on, don't be. That's the experience of satin - another man-made fabric that is prone to this. Whereas silk is not slippery at all. Yes it is smooth, but it also is non-static and completely natural, which complements being next to skin and hair. 

And, let's be honest, it's a luxurious and sensual fabric that is just as beautiful to touch as it is too look at. 

Silk truly is an affordable, enduring and many would say an essential investment for sleep and wellbeing. See our latest range of luxurious silk pillowcases and silk nightdresses here. 

A little silk in your life can bring a lot of good. 


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