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What is a Tri Pillow? 

What Is A Tri Pillow?

There has been a surge in popularity for the tri pillow (which is also known by other names such as the V pillow, the U pillow,  the corner pillow, the nursing pillow, and even the boomerang pillow!). Its unique design offers multiple benefits and can be used in multiple ways.

It’s become a favourite pillow choice for pregnant and breastfeeding mums, back and neck ache sufferers, and those who simply like to be propped up comfortably in bed or on the couch! Even side sleepers are known for their love of a tri pillow, as it helps them stay in their favourite position all night long! 

Here we list the benefits of a tri pillow, and explain how it provides great support for many users: 

1. Tri Pillow For Breastfeeding and Nursing Parents 

The tri pillow sits comfortably on the lap and around the waist of the parent, giving extra support during feeding. It creates a cosy, comfortable and soft surface for baby, and the padding also ensures the baby is at the perfect height for feeding.

Silk pillowcase for breastfeeding

2. Tri Pillow For Shoulder, Neck and Back-ache Sufferers 

Many health professionals recommend sleeping with a v pillow to help relieve pain. Sleeping with a tri pillow between the legs can help neutralise the spine. It can also alleviate stiffness around the head and shoulder joints, as when resting on it, the pillow can mould to your natural shape, while alleviating pressure points.

3. Tri Pillow For Those Who Like To Keep Airways Clear

Tri pillows can offer some welcome relief for those with respiratory conditions - like asthma or even colds and coughs). It elevates the upper body, making for a comfortable, supportive, snug setting. 

4. Tri Pillow For Those Who Like To Be Elevated

Whether you love to read upright in bed, or need some extra propping up while watching TV, the tri pillow adjusts naturally to your body shape, providing much-appreciated support which can help your posture. 

For such an important personal companion, why not enjoy the most luxurious fabric to cover your tri pillow? 

Silk is the ideal pillowcase cover for a tri pillow - for many reasons. Besides its beautiful feel, and hypo-allergenic qualities, Mulberry silk is great next to skin. Its machine washable - so no problem for dribbling babies - and can help reduce skin inflammation due to its natural qualities. Read more about the wonderful benefits of silk here. 

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