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Which colour silk pillowcase to choose?

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Which colour silk pillowcase

Silk pillowcases are available in a wide range of colors, but the most popular colours can vary depending on current fashion trends, personal preferences, and cultural influences.

Different colours evoke different vibes, so read to find which are the most popular colour choices for silk pillowcases - and why. 

  1. Ivory or cream: These colors are classic and timeless, and they can match any bedroom decor. They're by far our best seller, year in, year out. 

  2. Pink: A perennial favourite, pink is a popular color for silk pillowcases, particularly for those who like a feminine touch. Light pink can be fun, young and light-hearted, or a more deep blush pink can create a romantic and elegant atmosphere in the bedroom.

  3. Navy blue: Navy blue has become one of our biggest sellers this year - as more guys are opting for silk pillowcases (and are now also in on the secret that silk can help reduce sleep facial creases and is gentle on hair). 

  4. Champagne: Our personal favourite, champagne is an elegant, opulent and glamourous choice of colour for silk pillowcases.

  5. Silver: Silver or grey has been trending and is in our top five best selling colour choice. It's great for guys and gals, and without doubt, creates a calming, relaxing and ultra stylish look for the bedroom.

  6. Black: Another unisex favourite, black is popular - perhaps because you can't see mascara or make up smudges on it! This sensual shade creates a sleek and elegant look.

Ultimately, the most popular color for a silk pillowcase depends on personal preferences and the desired atmosphere in the bedroom. Which colour is your favourite? Leave a comment below. 

Colour swatches of silk pillowcases

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