Silk Sleep Bonnet - Pale Pink – A Little Silk
Silk Sleep Bonnet - Pale Pink
Silk Sleep Bonnet - Pale Pink
Silk Sleep Bonnet - Pale Pink

Silk Sleep Bonnet - Pale Pink

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Tuck your hair into a pure Mulberry silk sleep bonnet to protect your hair and preserve your hairstyle.

Unlike cotton or satin, silk causes no friction or static to your hair and therefore gently protects the structure of your hair strands. This is especially helpful for long, curly, textured or afro hair.

Pure Mulberry silk doesn't strip your hair's natural moisture the same way cotton does (cotton is highly absorbent, and is also more abrasive against skin and hair than silk is). Silk has a super-smooth finish which your hair can rest easy on. Say goodbye to frizzy bed-heads!

Wearing a silk sleep bonnet will keep your curls and hairstyle intact, and can make your hair feel healthier and smoother.  Plus, silk is naturally hypo-allergenic and cooling - perfect for hot, itchy heads. 

  • Supreme quality - 22 Momme 100% pure Mulberry silk
  • Size: 55cm diameter (standard adult size; one size fits most)
  • Easy to care: machine wash at 30 degrees C, or hand wash

A little silk. A lot of good. 


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